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About Us

Ohana Moon Yoga was created in 2014. When we first opened, we weren't exactly sure who wanted to come do yoga with us, or what styles of classes they wanted. All we knew, was we wanted to provide an inviting and comfortable studio for students of all levels and abilities to practice the discipline of yoga for health and well-being.

We offer both heated and non-heated classes for students of all levels. Our teachers guide students through self-nurturing movement that improves strength, flexibility and balance, while connecting mind, body and spirit. Various styles of yoga and modifications offered in class assure personal success and growth. Our goal is to elevate you to experience your best!

Ohana Moon Yoga has been voted the #1 Yoga Studio in El Dorado County in the Style Magazine Readers' Choice Awards for the past 6 years! We are honored to be the best yoga studio in our fabulous county. Thank you for voting us #1!

Check out some of our wide variety of offerings. Your first class is on us!

Beginner Classes: Chair Yoga, Restorative, Yin, Gentle Flow & Kaiut Yoga

Intermediate Classes: Slow Flow, Warm Flow & Power Flow

Our Teachers

Meet the Owner: Gretta Schmidt

Gretta Schmidt

Gretta has a huge passion for movement! It began at 7 years old in her first dance class, and the fire never died. After many years of dancing and teaching dance, Gretta needed a way to heal injuries and maintain flexibility. She took her first yoga class in college and fell in love with the way it made her feel! Yoga became a dance of the soul and spirit, a low impact way to feel strong and graceful.

In June 2014, Gretta opened Ohana Moon Yoga. Her goal is to offer the community a warm and friendly studio where students can move their bodies and feel better. Gretta especially enjoys teaching students who are new to yoga, encouraging them to explore movement, breath and meditation to build their mind, body spirit connection.

In order to teach, Gretta believes that she must always be a student. She has successfully completed several Yoga Teacher Trainings in Vinyasa, Yin and Buti Yoga, and is registered as an RYT500 with Yoga Alliance.

As a teacher, Gretta hopes to provide fun and powerful classes where students may face their fears and find courage. In her classes you will hear lots of music of all varieties, see energy, and feel support.

Meet Miss Daisy!

Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy joined the Ohana Moon Yoga family in March 2020. Her mom and dad (Gretta and Jesse Schmidt) adopted Miss Daisy from the El Dorado County animal shelter and are over-the-moon for their sweet pup!,p>

Daisy's favorite classes are Chair Yoga and Yin. During Chair Yoga and Yin, Daisy sunbathes and takes a nap in her special 'nest' bed. Catch her at Ohana in the morning on Aloha Fridays!

Alicia Kortas

Alicia's yoga journey began in the Summer of 2009 after attending her first class at Moksha Yoga Studio in Chicago, IL. She fell in love with every aspect of yoga and found her body, mind and soul craving it when she was away form the studio.

In the Fall of 2012, three days after giving birth to her son, Alicia graduated (with over 600 hours) Moksha Yoga Teacher Program under the guidance of Darien Friesen. Through the year-long training process she was fortunate enough to study with such Master Teachers as Aadil Palkhivala, Kathyrn Budig, Saul David Raye, Leeann Carey, Gabriel Halpern and many others.

In 2013, Alicia was diagnosed with Graves Disease and began to look to yoga therapy to help ease her symptoms and nurse her body,mind and soul back to health. In these recent years through her own illness, yoga, meditation, sound healing and Shamanic Apprenticeship, Alicia has found her true calling to hold a safe space for others as they explore and heal all aspects of their being.

In her classes you will find a very nurturing energy that allows students to gently work deeper within the body, mind and spirit to collectively begin to heal and elevate. Alicia's hope is to give her students a set of techniques and tools they may use in and out of the studio to achieve optimal health and self care routines. She looks forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

"Your purpose is hidden within your wounds."

Colette Nalley

Colette first discovered her passion for yoga in 2004, realizing that it was great cross-training for her cycling and running habits. While asana helped Colette grow stronger, more flexible, and balanced, the more meditative aspects of the practice attracted her to something far more meaningful. In 2013, a scary encounter with a life-threatening disease deepened her practice and presented an opportunity to pursue yoga training at the Mount Madonna Center (Santa Cruz, CA) while healing. The deeply spiritual focus at Mount Madonna opened Colette's heart and mind. The journey really began when she let go. Miraculously, from surrender, stepping stones appeared and Colette followed them along a path to a whole new way of Being and restored health. That is the spirit of yoga— if you allow it, it will eventually lead you back to your true self; over and over again.

As a teacher and perpetual student of yoga, Colette knows that her students are her greatest teachers. She is so grateful to hold the space for her students in these meditative practices. Her class is a safe and sacred container for both the novice and the seasoned yogi to release, let go, and heal. Colette approaches yoga intuitively, and sees it as a vehicle for her to share positive energy and practice compassion, knowing that we all have a story and a journey, which includes both joy and suffering.

Colette primarily teaches Yin, Kaiut Yoga, Restorative, and Yoga for Active Seniors (including Chair Yoga). She is also certified to teach meditation and Pranayama. In addition to her RYT training, she has been blessed to train with Judith Lassiter, in Restorative Yoga, Sarah Powers and Paul Greeley in Yin Yoga, and Francisco Kaiut in Kaiut Yoga. She looks forward to meeting you in class!

Jessica Bowman

Physical, psychological, and spiritual health have always fascinated Jessica. She has studied medicine, psychology, religion, and behavior at UC Davis. Through her studies, she learned the value of mindfulness, positive thinking, social support, breath work, and regular exercise as integral therapeutic tools. 10 years ago while living in Canada, Jessica fell in love with yoga while taking classes at an intimate studio in Calgary. Since then, daily yoga has significantly improved her physical and spiritual health. Sharing the benefits of yoga is what encourages Jessica to teach.

Her personal healing through yoga sparked a desire to complete a Vinyasa Style Yoga Teacher Training. Since completing the certification in 2015, Jessica continues to enjoy growth as a student and instructor of Yin, Slow Flow, Power, Gentle Flow and Meditation. Instructing yoga allows her to share the many blessings yoga has to offer. In turn, each student inspires her as well. Jessica is grateful to be part of the Ohana Moon community and looks forward to seeing you on your mat.

Joyce Kilburg

Joyce shares yoga the way she was inspired and hopes to inspire someone else, and so on and so on. The yoga classes she teaches are designed for her students to experience the unity of mind and body that are bridged by breath.

Joyce has been practicing yoga for her spiritual growth, following the teachings of her Guru Paramhansa Yogananda for many years. Some of her greatest teachers have been her students and family.

Joyce is also a practitioner of Thai/polarity bodywork, another modality she practices to open pathways and help clear blockages within the energy body.

In her spare time, Joyce likes to spend time with her husband of nearly forty years. They enjoy growing their own fruits and veggies and playing in the kitchen.

Justin Craft

Justin is a 200hr YTT certified yoga instructor. Teaching yoga was never a plan he had, but after taking a teacher training to deepen his own practice and knowledge, Justin felt drawn to share with others the magic that can happen with a consistent yoga practice.

In 2016 Justin discovered yoga through the YMCA in Washington state, and was fortunate to have had several wonderful teachers. After the first class he was hooked. The sensations of peace afterwards were blissful. And it was exciting to watch the body open and strengthen over time. After moving to California, Justin was exposed to numerous incredible teachers who embraced the philosophies behind yoga, and he immersed himself in the practice and the knowledge his teachers shared.

The practice of yoga has taught Justin about himself, and given him tools to move through this world in a way that allows him to fully experience while maintaining his own truth and integrity. Not to mention yoga has helped Justin move through traumatic and emotionally charged times.

Justin is a father of four, and his two sons have experienced significant trauma before being adopted; yoga has provided a way to approach people and situations with compassion and understanding, to have an awareness and acceptance of human imperfections, and move through grief to find contentment and show up for others.

It is Justin's hope to facilitate connection for others on a deeper level through the practice of yoga. To fall in love with yoga and, more importantly, with themselves. To be the change we wish to see in the world.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti!

Peace, peace, peace!

Molly Oser

After a 20 plus year career as an Urban Planner, Molly is fortunate to be able to embrace a second passion. She has practiced yoga for nearly as long as her urban planning career. About eight years ago, Molly took her first yin class. Upon losing her first passion of planning, Molly took a giant leap (on a bit of a lark and a challenge by her teacher) and went to a yin yoga teacher training in Sweden. Never intending to teach, just to learn and to feel her transitions, Molly returned home and got the phone call from a studio owner. So...she started teaching. And she realized that selfishly, she had a new passion. Molly subsequently went to an additional yin training in France and found that she wanted to learn even more.

Shortly thereafter, Molly met Karen Miscall Bannon and started learning about embodiment. That is to say feeling yoga from the inside. Not just the poses but deeper, the whys, the more enriched understanding of the body and Molly felt complete; it was enough. Molly had been trained in yin by one the top four teachers internationally and she is able to experience and study Embody yoga with one of the originators. How very fortunate. At this point, Molly has completed 125 hours of strict yin training, 300+ hours of embodiment, and 65 hours of vinyasa and yin assisting.

But not quite satisfied. Upon the suggestion of her teacher again, Molly leapt to study Kaiut yoga. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, she showed up in Toronto in mid-winter for a new adventure. And then she showed up again and again completing a 300 hour Kaiut Yoga certification. And Kaiut Yoga has put it all together for Molly. It combines yin and vinyasa in the true embodiment. This yoga allows and encourages you to feel from the inside, it is challenging, but meditative and fully meets you where you are. And you can do it your whole life letting the passion live on.

Molly feels incredibly fortunate for the opportunities as she continues to learn from her students, teachers, and practice. She feels so lucky to be able to be a guide to others perhaps providing some relief or just some peace in their day.

Sara Junker

Like many people, Sara was drawn to Yoga as simply a new way to exercise. Her mind was bored and her feet were tired of running in circles or uphills. Sara hated the gym and the mindless hours on the elliptical; she could never commit to consistency. The group fitness rooms always terrified her.

Finally, after trying a few classes for a few years, Sara found her home in January of 2016 and never looked back. She tried all styles of yoga from Yin to Vinyasa. She was moved to that magical yogic place of tears disguised as sweat during a vinyasa class and knew that she wanted to know more.

​Sara completed her 200 hour YTT, Jonny Kest curriculum and continues to learn and attend workshops along with her daily practice.

​Sara will always be a student of yoga, though, she does enjoy teaching. Sharing her passion through teaching inspires her self-esteem and personal growth. Taking a look within, without judgement but acceptance, is something Sara still has to remind herself of daily. It's a far cry from the girl that looked longingly from the elliptical into the group fitness room scared of the things she didn't know, the "what if's" and worries about her appearance or speaking to new people.

Confidence and a practice of humility have allowed her connections in her personal life, family, friends and even with strangers to deepen. Most importantly, through yoga, Sara has enhanced her life and relationship with myself.

Sara hopes to invoke, rouse, or even frustrate someone just enough so that they may find their yoga too. It is so much more than what (the Asanas) the body can do. Yoga speaks to our souls, our inner light, our inner voice, and asks " what do you find when you look within for the answers?"

​Om Shanti - Sara

Teya Johnson

Sharing a passion of lifelong learning led Teya to discover her yoga journey. A dancer at heart, Teya wanted to try something new, so she signed up for a yoga class. Soon she was registered for her first certification which led her to many more. With Vinyasa Certification, Bhakti Certification, Yin Certification and Kids Yoga Certification too, Teya rounded out her trainings and has truly tried to embody yoga both in her personal life as well as in the studio. Teya is registered as an RYT200 and RCYT with Yoga Alliance. Her classes are meant to have students leaving feeling happy, empowered and excited for more!